The OPPO Find X may be getting a rear camera with 5x optical zoom!

OPPO's upcoming smartphone, Find X, may be getting a rear camera with a telephoto lens with up to 5x optical zoom.


OPPO is set to announce a new device this June 19, the Find X. No details have been confirmed yet regarding specs and design of the Find X. Though what’s for sure is that it’s a launch event to watch out for! It’s not everyday that a smartphone brand launches a new phone at the Louvre in Paris.


OPPO has been teasing the upcoming Find X a lot on social, so we’re pretty sure that OPPO has something up their sleeve. Whether it’s another innovation in selfie camera tech, or a flagship OPPO phone with top-tier specs, we’re ready to be wowed.

Though we remembered something; during Mobile World Congress 2017, OPPO revealed their breakthrough 5x optical zoom technology. Inspired by a submarines, the technology uses a periscope-style structure for a deeper “true” zoom.


You may be wondering what the heck “true zoom” is? Well, in typical smartphones, zooming in when using the camera is basically just the phone’s software cropping the image. This is why zoomed in shots with phone camera are often lacking in detail and/or washed out. With OPPO’s 5x optical zoom technology, you’ll be able to zoom up to 5 times without any loss in image quality.

That’s some awesome tech for sure! But OPPO has yet to announce a smartphone that uses the 5x optical zoom lens. Maybe the Find X will be the first!


The OPPO Find X will be revealed on June 19, at the Louvre in Paris, France.