We Happy Few Putting A Smile On Your Face by August 2018

Here's something to be cheery about.

Smile, friend, smile! There is much to be happy for as Compulsion Games and Gearbox puts a release date stamp on their beloved little title, We Happy Few, during the #XboxE3 Briefing that happened early today.


We Happy Few, is a first-person survival that lets you navigate the made-up English streets of Wellington Wells, a town of heavily intoxicated with the hallucinogenic feel-good drug, Joy. You were once on Joy but someone got out of it and you’ve seen the truth behind the seemingly happy society you live in. Set in a dystopian version of post-WWII, We Happy Few is an astonishing take on the moral grey area of truth versus happiness, where truth sometimes can lead to chaos and distress.

Started as a small outfit, We Happy Few took a while to come into being starting with a kickstarter campaign back in 2015, the game had an early-access through Microsoft and Steam and by 2017 was backed by Gearbox expanding their game into full-length territory and on to multiple platforms.

We Happy Few is set to be released this August 10, 2018 in Xbox, Steam and PlayStation 4 and you can pre-order the game today via Xbox Store.