Ball is Life, but Game is Lifer | Mobile Legends collabs with Pinoy basketball

Who says athletes can't be gamers too?

Games and Professional sports aren’t polar opposites, in fact there’s a ton of overlap between them. Just ask the large number of NBA players hooked on Epic Games’ mega-hit battle royale, Fortnite.

In the Philippines though, the country’s best ballers aren’t hooked on Fortnite. Oh no, the game of choice here is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It’s not a surprise, as Mobile Legends took over the mobile gaming scene in the country when released last year. Its success isn’t a surprise, given that it packs fun MOBA action that’s both quick and easy to pick up and play.


After more than a year since releasing, Mobile Legends announced a landmark collab with the Pinoy basketball scene. The collaboration is lead by leading Pinoy basketball players (including Japeth Aguilar, Junemar Fajardo, and Kiefer Ravena), and brings with it basketball-themed skins, limited-edition jersey, and a slew of offline activities.

Aside from real-life merch, the best part of the collab is the basketball skin for ML hero Balmond. Watch the trailer for the said skin here:

For more info on the Mobile Legends X Pinoy Basketball collab, visit Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s official Facebook page.