Feel like a Real-Life Mech with these cool Gundam Apparel!

We absolutely NEED that Gundam bag!

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Have you ever wanted to pilot a Gundam? Well, with these awesome bunch of Gundam apparel, you won’t just feel like a pilot. Oh no, you’ll feel like YOU’RE the Mech itself!



The first of the new apparel set from Japanese brand Cospa is the “Land Battle Type Gundam Shield Bag.” It’s a body bag that you can sling over your back; kinda boring right? Well, you can also wear it on your arm! Just like the mechs from “Mobile Suit Gundam 08 MS platoon.


Complementing the Gundam bag is a “Char Aznable” designed work shirt. The shirt is reminiscent of Gundam pilot uniforms, and it features a cool print with popular Gundam antagonist Char Aznable’s name on it! Though unlike the Gundam uniforms, you can actually wear this shirt without looking like you’re fresh off a cosplay con.


The Gundam Work Shirt will be available in mid-September, while the Gundam Shield Bag will be available later in November. The shirt will be priced at 9180 yen (around 83 USD), while the bag will cost 6264 yen (around 57 USD). Both items are now available for reservation at the Cospa website.