Get a chance to win an ASUS Lyra Trio Wi-Fi mesh system

Get rid of Wi-Fi dead spots with this device!

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Do you have spots in your house where the Wi-Fi doesn’t reach or is very slow? That’s called a Wi-Fi dead spot, and it usually means that your router’s signal is not enough for your home. It isn’t tough to fix though, as there are devices made to eliminate these Wi-Fi dead spots. One such device is ASUS’ Lyra Trio Wi-Fi mesh system.


Unlike typical Wi-Fi range extenders, the Lyra Tyrio system features a unique pyramid antenna design that allows signals to be bounced off vertically and horizontally, aiding in transmitting the signal through walls. The Lyra Trio can cover up to 5400 sq. ft., meaning no more dead spots in your home!


Want to eliminate dead spots in your home? ASUS has just the thing for you with its Lyra Trio Challenge. Just visit the official challenge website here and play two games on the page. After playing two games, users will get a chance to win his/her own Lyra Trio!

Better hurry though, the contest will run only until Friday, July 20. 10 lucky winners will be chosen and announced on the ASUS Global Facebook Fan Page before the 31st of July, 2018.

For more information on the contest, visit ASUS’ the Lyra Trio Challenge official website.