Going to the Warner TV Pop Expo? Here are some things you’ll need to know

Get ready for a geek filled weekend!

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Supergirl, such a thoughtful one, reminding us that in just 1 day, a geek filled weekend awaits us at the Warner TV Pop Expo 2018! The event last year was a smashing success and this year, Warner TV is going all out on giving the fans something to cheer about for the weekend. Headed to the event? Check out our guide on what to expect for tomorrow!


Check the events calendar!

Oliver Queen is ALWAYS prepared and you can be too by checking out the event calendar for tomorrow. There are 3 main groups that you’ll need to take note of – Main Stage happenings, Pop Talks, and the Street Art Showcase – with each having their own special activities lined up for the fans. Plan your schedule right because a long day of fun and geekery awaits!


Pop Talks!

While we celebrate Pop Culture, we never forget to look back and take note of where we came from. Local Pop Culture is making a buzz and with guest speakers from the local Film & Writing industry, film students, aspiring writers, and other people venturing into film-making should be excited to know that Honee Alipio (Screenwriter of “Maguindanaw” & “Taklub”), Ria Limjap (Co-Writer of “Smaller and Smaller Circles”), and Mikhail Red(Director of “Birdshot”) will be making an appearance tomorrow to share some knowledge with the audience!


Toys and Sculptures!

What is a Warner TV Pop Expo without some toys! This time around, learn and be inspired as guest speakers will be talking about tips in designing, how the industry works, and how to fuse traditional and digital process in making your own designer toys, and other cool stuff. If you want to make your own toys, make your dream gadgets or other crafts into reality, then this panel is perfect for you! Guest speakers include Erick Chua (Shapeclod), Carlos Pineda (CheeAndChee), Justin Gabitan (Puzzlebox 3d), and Ram Esguerra (Lost & Found PH).


Awesome Merch and Loot!

We love our loot, who doesn’t? At the Warner TV Pop Expo, you’re sure to bring home some amazing items to make your experience that much more memorable! Check out these Diyalogo x WarnerTV exclusive sticker packs! All you have to do is sign up at the registration booth, and join programs on stage and other activities around the expo to gain Pop Expo credits then exchange them at the rewards center to get awesome Pop Expo 2018 exclusives! There’s much more in store so make sure you don’t miss out.



Cosplaying is for EVERYONE and at the Warner TV Expo, you can be proud of who you are and show the multiverse who your favorite character is! Come in costume as Flash, Arrow, Supergirl or other versions from the DC or WarnerTV universe and automatically get a prize when you register! Some friends from the cosplay community will be joining as well so remember that these guys are fans as well and we all need to respect each other, so here are some important things to take note of:

1. Ask permission from the cosplayers if you want a picture taken. They’re nice and you should be too!
2. Refrain from catcalling or making any unnecessary and harmful advancements or comments towards the cosplayers. Villainy is not tolerated in the expo.
3. Have fun and join the cosplayers as they roam the expo!
4. Be nice and join the fun, they might give you some freebies too!


Take the Injustice 2 Challenge!

Think you’re hot stuff when it comes to Injustice 2? Take up your mantle and challenge The Warner TV team at the INJUSTICE 2 invitational! Prizes await for those who participate and defeat the Warner TV team (formed by friends from Cosmic Gorgons Gaming & Art Lounge) and if you’re just there for fun, there will also be an area for FREE play for Injustice 2.

Notes for the challengers:
1. The challenger goes on stage for a 1v1 matchup against our team.
2. Every victory gains you a prize.
3. There are 4 members of the “villainous” Gorgons team
4. Per challenge is a best of 1 game only. If you defeat all 4 of them you get a bonus prize!
5. You may only do the challenge once. If you are defeated in whatever round, you’re out!
6. Prepare yourself and have fun! There’s a freeplay for Injustice 2 in the exhibitors area the whole day!


Selfie Time!

Lastly, you wouldn’t want to leave the Expo without proof that you were actually there! Warner TV has prepared Studio City, a place where you can take pictures behind the backdrop of some of the awesome set pieces from your favorite Warner TV shows! This is the perfect time to prove your selfie game is on point!