Here are the winners of the APCC 2018 CAGE Cosplay Competition!

CAGE at APCC never disappoints!

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AsiaPOP Comicon 2018 may have already ended, but we still can’t get over all the amazing cosplay showcased over the weekend. While we saw great cosplays by just walking around the event, the best were reserved for the recently concluded CAGE Cosplay Competition 2018. I mean, just look at the amazing costumes of the contest finalists:

From massive cosplays of General Grievous and a b warrior, to cool Wonder Woman and Freddie Krueger costumes, everyone finalist deserved an award in our eyes. Though of course, three cosplays were chosen as the best in the contest.

Without further ado, here are the winners of the APCC 2018 CAGE Cosplay Competition:


The second runner-up is Aria Cosplay as the OG Fate Servant (and my waifu), Saber! Her outfit is a faithful recreation of Saber’s armor, complete with an awesome Excalibur sword.


The first runner-up is a cosplayer as a character from Dynasty Warriors. Just look at the incredible detail on the armor!


Finally, the grand prize winner is an incredible Kai the Collector cosplay from Kung Fu Panda 3! He even had a bit of a moment with Canvas Cosplay, who was dressed as Po!


With all the awesome cosplays that we’ve seen this year, we just can’t wait for CAGE next year!