Here’s six reasons why Huawei smartphones are world-class

Looking for a new phone? Why not Huawei?

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If you’re looking for a brand-new smartphone, going for a Huawei now is a great bet. Not only does the brand create feature-packed phones, Huawei is also a big innovator in the smartphone market.

Still in doubt? We’ll help you out! Here’s six innovations to prove that Huawei smartphones are world-class:


1. Creating the World’s Best Smartphone Camera Ever

Huawei’s flagship phone, the P20 Pro, certainly has a drool-worthy triple-camera rear shooter setup. Three cameras aren’t just for show though, as the P20 Pro produces one of the best shots of any smartphone. It even got a score of 109 the highest score ever in DxOMark’s image quality review.


2. Owning the World’s First Smartphone AI Processor


If a great camera is not enough, Huawei’s flagship devices should impress you with their performance, thanks to AI-powered processors. Now before you bow down to your AI overlords, AI in processors doesn’t mean that your phone is sentient, it just means more processing power for better performance.


3. Artificial Intelligence Photography

AI tech isn’t limited to Huawei processors, as the brand also packs its flagship phone cameras with Artificial Intelligence. AI photography means that your phone can determine the type of photo you’re shooting, and will apply the necessary settings for optimal image quality.


4. Super Charging Safely

It’s not enough for phones today to last all-day, having a fast-charging feature is becoming necessary, as there’s nothing more convenient than quick top-ups (compared to slow full charging). Huawei knows this, and it has equipped its latest devices with SuperCharge technology for faster charging and optimum safety.


5. Leading the World with 5G Technology

Before making a splash in the smartphone market, Huawei was known all over the world as a telecom equipment company specializing in internet infrastructure. Huawei is still very much active in that space, and is still continually innovating with tech such as 5G. Once complete, 5G technology will let users get a whopping 20Gbps connection each!


6. World’s First Bank-Grade Security System

Finally, Huawei equips its high-end devices with CloudFabric Security Solution that helps customers with data security. The feature uses intelligent protection for cloud data center networks and tenants, so a user’s information is safe.