LEGO The Incredibles Review | Fun but more or less the same LEGO experience

GG EZ... maybe too EZ

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Along with a new movie, we got ourselves a new Incredibles game! And the super family is getting the LEGO game treatment! Let’s take a closer look at LEGO The Incredibles!


I mean, it makes sense. We’ve seen so many stories and movies given the LEGO treatment and The Incredibles seems JUST RIGHT for this type of gameplay. Fun premise? Check! Kid-friendly superhero action? Check! A lot of characters to play around with? Check! So if you were looking for the next LEGO adventure, The world of The Incredibles was a shoo-in!


The game begins with you being able to play through the opening scenes of The Incredibles 2 wherein you get to experience the joy of controlling the whole family while you take on The Underminer! You’ll then discover the fun of switching between characters and seeing what each member brings to the table. Each member of the family has some unique power that you can use to your advantage (i.e. Mr. Incredible’s strength allows you to launch allies to places that were otherwise unreachable). You’ll also have awesome character interactions between them – whether it’s family bickering or straight up power team-up combinations like when Violet and Dash create like a force field hamster speed ball. Of course since this is a LEGO game, when you simply can’t power through anymore, you have to resort to BUILDING awesome stuff to solve your problems! So if you find yourself stuck, the tried and true LEGO mechanic is there – smash everything until the LEGO magic kicks in and you’re able to build something perfect for the current scenario (like a canon)!



An Incredible(s) Experience


So as mentioned, the game starts with you being able to play through the plot of The Incredibles 2 (although with slight differences from the movie). Right after that, you’ll get to play through the events of The Incredibles 1! So there’s definitely a lot of Incredibles adventures to be had, now mixed with the charm and humor that LEGO games are known for. You can even choose to not advance the story and just go explore the open world of Municiberg where you have A LOT OF STUFF TO DO AND FIND! You’ll even get to encounter other villains from the Incredibles lore!


Doing the open world stuff will even let you unlock additional characters and there are over a hundred of them! They’re a mix of alternate costume variants of the Incredibles Family as well as a lot of other characters from other Pixar title like Dory, Woody, Lightning McQueen, Merida, and so much more! Each of them with their own powers which you can even use in missions to help you get secrets you couldn’t reach before!


It’s not just about unlocking characters. You can also CREATE YOUR OWN CHARACTER and put yourself into the game! Yep, you can customize a look and choose what powers this awesome little Brick Battler will possess.

An Incredibly SIMILAR and REPETITIVE Experience

However, I have to be real and say that the experience got really old really fast. Yes, the game is primarily aimed towards a younger demographic so it’s definitely a good choice to play as a family. But the problem is that it’s still a LEGO Game… just in a different flavor. If you’ve played ANY OTHER LEGO game, this one practically has the same mechanics and there’s nothing really groundbreaking here.

Another factor to this is the fact that the difficulty level of LEGO The Incredibles seems to be quite low even compared to other LEGO games. Once again, I get that this is aimed towards kids but the game seems to get too easy to the point that the game might become too much of a breeze to the player leaving you with a little bit less excitement and more of that feeling of repetitiveness.



  • Nice dynamic of switching between characters to shuffle between powers
  • Charming and Humorous
  • A lot of Pixar Characters to be unlocked



  • It’s almost the same as any other LEGO game
  • Game is too easy


Final Verdict: 5/10

Honestly, I feel like the equation of LEGO + The Incredibles should’ve yielded a lot more. This would’ve honestly been a good license for them to try something new to differentiate it from the other LEGO games. Sure, the premise of the game is nice and all but, with this really low difficulty, it’s highly likely that you’ll feel the game getting more and more repetitive. Another side effect of this being so easy is that you’ll probably plow through this game quite quickly… TOO quickly. Hopefully, LEGO does take some risks with future titles.