Monster Hunter is getting an animated special

The 3D-animated special is entitled Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild

What a great week for Monster Hunter fans! Not only did Capcom announce the release date of Monster Hunter World on PC, Capcom also revealed that a Monster Hunter 3D animated short is in the works!

Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild is a 3D animated special being produced by Capcom and Pure Imagination Studios. The special is written by Joshua Fine of Ultimate Spider-Man.


Legends of the Guild’s plot will follow a young monster hunter who discovers that his village is on the path of an Elder Dragon. He must then find a way to stop the monster before it wreaks havoc on his hometown.

Aside from a short plot synopsis, there’s not much else that has been revealed. Though I’m really hoping that this will be the start of a Monster Hunter animated series. The Monster Hunter franchise has a large and interesting world with lots of awesome monsters, making it ripe for an animated series.

Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild will be released sometime this 2019.

Source: Variety