OPPO F7 gets a BIG discount for the OPPO4U Anniversary sale

Now that's a major price-drop!

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The OPPO4U Anniversary sale is ending soon (on July 31 in fact), but OPPO’s not done giving fans surprises just yet. The brand has just announced that the F7 is getting a big discount!

From its original price of PHP 17,990, the F7’s price will be dropped to just PHP 14,990. That’s a big PHP 3,000 in savings!



The best part is that the discount is not temporary, meaning buyers looking to get an OPPO F7 will be able to get one at the discounted price even after the OPPO4U Anniversary sale. Though if you are looking to buy one, now is the right time.

Buyers of the F7 until July 31 will receive an 18 month extended total warranty, 20% discount on Olike accessories, and even a chance to win PHP 100,000 or even an Asian trip for two.

Not convinced with the F7? Check out or review of the OPPO F7 hereĀ (Spoilers: it’s a great phone).