Twitch Prime is gearing up for its biggest game giveaway ever!

21 games are up for grabs until July 17, including Pillars of Eternity, Metal Slug 3, and more.

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Not yet a Twitch Prime member, well this might just convince you! Twitch recently announced that it’ll be celebrating Amazon Prime Day with its biggest game giveaway ever!

From July 2 to July 17, Twitch is giving away a total of 21 games for free to all Twitch Prime members! Best part is that there’s no catch, once you redeem the free games, they’re yours to keep forever!


Here’s a list of all the free games in Twitch’s Prime Day Celebration, along with their redemption dates:

  • Pillars of Eternity Definitive Edition: July 2nd — July 4th
  • Metal Slug 3: July 2nd — August 2
  • The Last BladeJuly 2nd — August 2
  • Twinkle Star Sprites: July 2nd — August 2
  • QUBE2: July 3rd — July 4th
  • Battle Chef Brigade: July 4th — 11th
  • Manual Samuel: July 5th — July 12th
  • GoNNER: July 6th — July 13th
  • Next Up Hero: July 7th — July 14th
  • Uurnong Uurnlimited: July 8th — 14th
  • Hue: July 9th — July 15th
  • Deponia Doomsday: July 10th — July 16th 
  • >Observer_: July 11th — 17th
  • Tacoma: July 12th — July 18th
  • The Bridge: July 13th — July 26th
  • Brutal Legend: July 14th — July 27th
  • The Red Strings Club: July 15th — July 21st
  • Tyranny: July 16th — July 18th
  • Broken Age: July 17th — July 31st 
  • The Framed Collection: July 18th — July 31st
  • Serial Cleaner: July 18th — July 31st


To further celebrate Prime Day, Twitch is tapping streamers from all over the world (including the likes of SodaPoppin, Elegy, and SeriouslyClara) to showcase the free games.

Interested in getting the 21 free games from Twitch? Just get a Twitch Prime subscription! It’ll cost only USD 2.99 per month for the first six months; members won’t only get free games, they’ll also get ad-free Twitch access, a free Twitch channel subscription per month, exclusive emoticons, and many more!

Visit the Twitch Prime website to find out more.