Uniqlo is going old school gamer with this collection of Namco 8-Bit shirts

Taking you back to the 80's!

Uniqlo has been the king of geek shirts recently. From its hugely successful Shonen Jump collection, to the Blizzard collection, all the way to the Avengers collection. Add one more to the lineup as famed Japanese Developer Namco is tagging along for the ride and these shirts will surely take you back to the gaming days of old! Check out the collection below!



As you can see, these shirts totally brings out the nostalgia (and our age) and they look really good! I’m already counting at least 6 shirts I want to buy… maybe the whole collection even! Pac-Man, Galaga, Xevious, Mappy, and Dig Dug round up the collection and heads up, these shirts are expected to come out on the week of August 6, that’s just over a week away!

Got any favorites you’d want to snag from this collection? Let us know!