Wallets BEWARE! APCC 2018’s Awesome Merch will make your Money Disappear!


ONE Store Beta Now Available

AsiaPOP Comicon is happening and its happening RIGHT NOW! So hop on over to the con cuz there are some suhweet merchs that you can find easily there! With apparels, toys, and trinkets a plenty, there are A LOT of merch APCC 2018 merch picks that are, in our opinion, MUST-GET! Check it out!


No more Jollibee Funkos? Its all right now because ALL MIGHT is here! (Bully Boy PH)


And how about some awesome geek shirts! (T-Tees)


Oh, look! Geek scents for those who want to smell super. (Scents of Heroes)


Swords, light sabers, and pointy objects galore! (Long Live Play PH)


Some of the best artistic notebooks are there as well! (Tequila Tea Party)


There are just SO MANY! @__@

RIP Wallet! -10 Wealth but +100 Happiness! If you wanna grab em, be sure to head on over to APCC 2018! Last day of APCC 2018 is tomorrow (July 29, 2018)!