5 Things you can be excited about with World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth!

Battle for Azeroth has got a lot in store for WoW Players!

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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is already out, and so far it’s been absolutely amazing! In case you’re a long time player who didn’t know about the contents of the new expansion or you’re jumping in on the WoW bandwagon for the first time for this new expansion, here’s a quick list of our favorite things that you should watch out for.

1. Island Expeditions

Island expeditions is a new 3 versus 3 game mode in Battle for Azeroth. The main objective for you as a player is to gather more Azerite than the opposing team. What makes this game mode interesting is the variety of options that you have for gathering Azerite. You can go for mining the Azerite nodes in the area. You can also just farm Azerite from the different minions that populate the areas. You can even just directly target the opposing players to get Azerite from them, while also slowing down their progress in gathering their own supply. There is a variety of options for you in this game mode and coordinating with your team on how you want to go about getting the amount is key. It’s also worth mentioning that the players you’re against are AI. Their difficulties can be adjusted to fit your choice of play in case you need something easier so you have a chance to get used to the mechanics of this game mode, or you want to do the harder quests which give you better rewards. If you have an inclination to stay away from raids and dungeons as a source for good gear, this might be a good option for you to farm for good weapons or armor in a way that might cater more to your tastes.


2. Warfronts

Harkening back to the real-time strategy roots of World of Warcraft, Warfronts is a new game mode inclined to take you away from the possible monotony of RPG style play more commonly expected and experienced in the main game. In Warfronts, you will be in charge of handling multiple NPCS in battling enemy troops and bosses. Resource management and micromanagement, strategies not very commonly explored in the MMORPG, are going to have to be the tools you will have to get familiar with to thrive in this game mode. Same as the Island Expedition, this is also a great, alternative source for the gear that you would want for your endgame.


3. New Maps (Zandalar and Kul’ Tiras)

There are a couple of new lands to explore and obsess over in this new expansion. Zalandar, the new area primarily geared for the Horde, is mostly riddled by tribal and ancient themed locales, littered with gigantic temples that give this new land an epic feeling. Kul’ Tiras, the Alliance counterpart, is much more comparable to Port Royale from the Pirates of the Carribean. It’s more reminiscent of the medieval architecture that a lot of the human cultures in Azeroth already have, but given a pirate-y flair. Both these areas are given a number of main story quests that will run you through the culture and lore behind them. They also have their own assortment of new monsters that give even more personality and uniqueness to the land. These ideas are given more life and vibrancy by the fact that Blizzard dealt with making all of these characters and locales using the same design philosophy that they’ve used in making all of WoW. With that, you can expect a lot interesting character designs coupled with the lively and energetic aesthetic that is to be expected in WoW at this point.


4. 6 New “Races” 

Similar to some of the past expansions, though Blizzard insists on calling them new races, there are new variations of the existing races introduced in the game. Don’t let that statement diminish how cool it is though. The introduction of these new characters can definitely change up the dynamics of the game and spice things up for people who are already overly familiar with the previous set of playable races. Each new race comes with their own set of new Racial skills that sets them apart from the other races. Apart from that, if you’re already familiar with the way that the base races look, then this is an opportunity to change things up look wise. Either way, the new races are as follows:


5. War Mode

For long time players of WoW, the choice of PVP and non-PVP servers is a very difficult one. PVP servers enable players to fight other players from the opposite faction whenever they encounter them on the map. On the other hand, on a non-PVP server, one can be playing the game with no interruptions from the meddling of an enemy faction. With something like that though, you can lose the sense of joy to be had from dealing with random encounters from real enemy players while you’re doing your own thing. This is where the inclusion of the War Mode becomes useful. War mode gives the option of playing the world as a PVP server or a non-PVP server in the hands of the player. When you want to do your quests around the world peacefully and uninterrupted, you can just choose not to turn on War Mode and you will be safe from any harassment from players from the enemy faction. If you want that rush of excitement to be had from encountering and fighting other enemy players, you can have War Mode turned on and you can now fight other players with War Mode turned on as well. There’s also an incentive to have War Mode turned on since you are awarded extra stuff after finishing quests when you have it on. This is a wonderful addition to the game as it allows players to play and team up in the servers that they want without having to worry about whether or not it’s a PVP server.


This list definitely does not include all of the new additions that WoW has in this new expansion, but we hope this is enough to get you hyped to try out the game and find out what else the game has in store.