Get Ready to be Schooled in Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story | PSX SEA 2018

Some great games coming from the indie dev booths this year!

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Bangkok Thailand – PlayStation Experience SEA 2018 might have concluded but the games still linger in my memory. One of the highlight games at the indie booths was Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story from developer Agate Studio and publisher PQube Limited. Take a look at the trailer above:


Here’s a brief overview from the website:

Have you ever wondered where are those shining knights, powerful magicians, cunning scouts, and any other powerful heroes come from? What if you are the one who is in charge of teaching them how to swing a sword or cast a magic for the first time?

✔ Take a role of the principal of an Academy in a magical fantasy world
✔ Create and manage your own academy
✔ Find unique students with different talents
✔ Recruit, train, and graduate your students
✔ Make a team from your students with 8 job classes available
✔ send the team on various quests and lead them to glory!
✔ Build and upgrade various classroms and facilities
✔ Enjoy the most unique fantasy simulation ever!

We had the chance to talk to Hendra Setiawan from Agate Studio who gave us his insights for Valthirian Arc. Here’s what he said during the short interview:

Ok so please introduce yourself and your game studio.

Hello I’m Henda and I’m from Agate Studio and our game is Valhirian Arc: Hero School Story. The game is a “hero school” simulator where you can manage the “heroes” (students) like giving them quests and sending them to dungeons. Eventually you can level-up and upgrade jobs and be the best in your school.

That’s a really interesting concept that we don’t see much, especially games coming from South East Asia. Is this the start of more games to come from your studio?

Should be. This is the first game that we made from the PlayStation 4 console and I am expecting there are more to come.

You mentioned that this is the first game the studio made for the console. Are there any challenges that you faced along the way during the development of the game?

When we made the game it wasn’t for the console originally (PC) and the first trouble we had was porting to the PlayStation 4. That was the first challenge but yeah (laughs), we did it.

Congratulations on Valthirian Arc and hopefully we see more games from you guys soon. Any messages for the aspiring video game developers out there who want to follow in your footsteps?

Just keep doing what you love and realize your ideas. That is very important.

And that’s that! Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story was demoed on the PlayStation 4 Console during the PlayStation Experience South East Asia 2018. Be sure to check out the game and for other news in geek and gaming, keep it here at UngeekPH!