Planning on going to PSX 2018? Here’s everything you need to know

PSX 2018 Hype!

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PSX 2018 is nearly upon us and for those of you who may not know yet, Sony is taking the show on the road to beautiful Thailand! From a successful event last year over at Kuala Lumpur, Sony is ready to take Thailand by storm as PSX 2018 will be happening on August 18-19. You read that right, 2 days! It’s going to be a fun filled weekend with your favorite Playstation games and if you’re like me who is raring to go, we’ve prepared a guide so that you don’t miss out on the biggest Playstation event this side of the globe!


Ticket prices to Thailand

First off, you’re going to want to head over there. And by there, I mean Thailand. No you can’t simply take an Uber or a Grab from Manila, so you’ve got to plan this ahead of time. Most common routes from Manila to Thailand take around 3 and a half hours more or less, landing you at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK). As of this writing, roundtrip flights will cost you around 9,000-10,000PHP (around 180-200$) with an August 17-20 flight schedule. There may be more of those fare sale prices from now until then so you just might be lucky to snag a cheap ticket!


Where is the venue and how to get there from airport?

Upon landing at Suvarnabhumi International Airport, it’ll be quite the trip the the GMM Live House event center. The travel time with the usual traffic is around 40 minutes give or take, so it’d be wise to allocate around 1 hour for that ride. Probably the easiest way around the city would be to use either the Uber and Grab apps that you’ve been using locally in the PH. Remember though that these apps are internet based and you’ll need to either turn on your SIM for roaming capabilities or have an internet hotspot with you. You may inquire at the airport for travel sims and travel hotspots for a fee.


Where to stay near the venue area?

Unfortunately, if you want to stay right beside the venue, be prepared to spend upwards of 5,000php per night, as the closer venues would be 3-5 star hotels. Broadening the search and limiting the per night fee to 5,000 will provide you with quite a number of options that would be quite a bit of a walk to the venue. There are deals that you can take advantage of from some of the hotels and we’d probably recommend The Ambassador Bangkok and the Ramada by Wyndham, with certain deals that will give you around 2,000-2,500php per night if you’re lucky!


Any restaurants around the venue area?

The GMM Live House venue is actually great for someone who likes to eat, because there are a LOT of restaurants right beside the venue. There’s a very wide selection to choose from, ranging from Bonchon to Hokkaido Ramen Santuoka to Sante Fe Steak, so you wouldn’t need to worry about where to eat in the area. While these are restaurants, we advise you to be a bit adventurous and hopefully try to explore the side streets for some authentic Thai cuisine, you’ll never know when you might stumble on some good Tom Yum or Pad Thai, and for cheap too!


What are some of the tourist spots near the venue area?

Luckily, GMM Live isn’t the only attraction spot in the area. Whether you arrive a day early or leave a day later, you can enjoy a few stops nearby like the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Sea Life Bangkok, and the Pratunam Market! We are definitely all here for PSX 2018 but if you want to take a bit of a break and enjoy some of the sights and sounds that Bangkok has to offer, you can be assured of things to do and see while you’re there.


Anything and everything you’ll need to know about the event proper!

PSX might overwhelm you, from the huge number of games that you’ll be able to play to the tickets you’ll have to purchase to actually get into the event. We’ve prepared a guide for so you don’t need to sweat the details! New games have been announced as of this writing including Soul Calibur VI, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Mega Man 11, and Spyro Reignited Trilogy. All of these games have yet to be released so this is the chance to test them all out before their worldwide release!

Overall, PSX 2018 is already looking to be an awesome gathering for gamers and with a healthy lineup of games to try at the event, you can be sure that there will definitely be no shortage of gaming goodness over the weekend!