PSX SEA 2018 Becomes Human | An interview with Bryan Dechart and Amelia Rose Blair

Crabs will haunt Bryan for the rest of his life.

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Bangkok, Thailand – Without a doubt, one of the main highlights from this year’s PlayStation Experience SEA is definitely its guests Bryan Dechart and Amelia Rose Blaire from acclaimed game Detroit: Become human.

For those who haven’t played the Detroit yet (honestly, you should), Bryan Dechart lends his voice and motion capture for the main character Connor while Amelia Rose Blaire provided the same talent for Traci. Here’s what happened during the media panel during day 2 of the event:


Be sure to watch the video above as the press really went crazy with the questions. 🙂


And speaking of crazy, the #ConnorArmy really went at it during the live playthrough and meet-and-greet. It split my eardrum. Fun times.


The PlayStation Experience concluded last Sunday, August 19, 2018 at the BKK Live House in Bangkok Thailand. Catch more of the event as we cover PSX SEA in detail here at UnGeekPH