A Free Concert to celebrate 8 Million users of Freenet!

Because the best things in life are free!

ONE Store Beta Now Available

Why pay when you can get it for free?

Truer words have not been said. And with that adage, Freenet was formed, a service that enables people to check their favorite site, watch their favorite vids, and now play their favorite games without consuming any mobile data credits whatsoever!

“What madness is this?!”, you may be thinking… but it’s true. It’s DAMN TRUE!


Brought to you by the brilliant minds at Voyager, Freenet is a credit-based service where, once you perform enough actions, you get some awesome rewards! One of which is accessing content FOR FREE! A lot of our friends’ tech sites are on Freenet like Gadget Pilipinas, Hungry Geeks, and Unbox.ph, and proudly proclaimed it during the press event to celebrate Freenet’s anniversary (aptly named Freenaversary). It was mentioned that the huge success that Freenet got was due partially to gamers especially when Freenet introduced the Gamer Pins. A system where gamers get ample Freenet time to play their favorite MOBA’s like Mobile Legends and other mobile games like Clash of Clans.


As a ‘Thank You’ for growing Freenet to 8 Million unique users, the company is hosting a free concert this September 20, 2018! One hundred (100) winners were announced on September 14, 2018! If you joined the FREENIVERSAYA Buy Load Raffle Promo, you can check out this post to see if you were one of the 100 lucky winners!



Didn’t win or you weren’t able to join? NO WORRIES! You still have a chance to take part of this epic concert! Check out this post to see how you can do so!



Enjoy the concert and be sure to expect much much more awesomeness from Freenet! Download now!