Best Cosplay from Fan Expo Canada 2018

So many amazing costumes and it isn't even Halloween yet!

Toronto, Canada – What is a con without cosplay? Forget waiting for Halloween to dress up as your favorite characters when you can get together with all your friends and dress up! Toronto is one heck of a talented city, with the geek community being ripe with cosplay talent. From makers to models to enthusiasts, Fan Expo 2018 was the ultimate cosplay experience! Here is a taste of what we saw:


From Marvel, to anime, to video game characters, everyone was invited. The community here is incredibly welcoming and open minded. And just as Toby Proctor, voice actor for Tuxedo Mask, once said in an interview with us a few years ago, “Fan Expo is is like a like the Superbowl for some people, its a weekend where you can come as whoever you want to be!” 

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