Capcom Debuts Ada Wong in the Latest Resident Evil 2 Story Trailer | TGS 2018

The debut of an familiar character.

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During Tokyo Game Show 2018, Capcom just released the latest trailer for its widely-anticipated game, Devil May Cry 5. Check it out below, you might notice a familiar face:


Read the overview of the story, from Capcom:

A little history for Resident Evil 2 newcomers before we dive into things: The original Resident Evil 2 introduced a system known as “zapping” to provide an “A” story and a “B” story – two separate paths through the game that had the same major story elements for each character, but changed certain details, events, and access to items depending on which character you played as first. While this remake of Resident Evil 2 no longer uses “zapping” to tell each character’s tale, it stays true to the original by telling a unique story for each character, with both main campaigns providing a compelling point of view to provide a modern take on the story of Resident Evil 2.

True to the original Resident Evil 2, Claire begins her journey on the perimeter of the doomed metropolis, riding her motorcycle into town in search of her brother, Chris. Street savvy and comfortable behind the handlebars of her motorcycle, Claire knows how to take care of herself in nearly any situation – but nobody could prepare themselves for the outbreak that took place within the city limits. As Claire begins the search for her missing brother, she joins up with a rookie cop named Leon S. Kennedy who’s heading in to town to see how he can help. Despite being told to stay away by the remnants of the police force, Leon still feels he can offer assistance – and so, after helping Claire out of a dire situation, Leon joins her as they head towards the once lively suburb.

Resident Evil 2 will be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on January 25, 2019.