Five ‘Gamer Cave’ inspirations for your home

From uber-cool battlestations to minimalist rigs!

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Back when I was a kid, I had tons of time to play games, but not enough dough to buy all the titles I want. When I got older though, the exact opposite happened; I can now buy more games thanks to my job (well jobs), but I’m lacking in time to play them all. This is a sad fact of life for most gamers, meaning us adult (ish) gamers must make the most out of our gaming time.

One way to do that is to setup a ‘gamer cave‘ — a place where you can immerse yourself fully in whatever game you’re playing. A gamer cave can also be a place to showcase all your collectibles (I’m sure you have gaming figs in your room), as well as a highlight for your gaming PC.

Convinced? Of course you are! Though if you’re at a loss where to start, here are five awesome inspirations that can help you decide on what look gamer cave look you’ll go for:


Neon City

There’s a reason why neon setups are all the rage among lots of gamers; not only do neon lights look hella cool, they’re also striking yet easy enough on the eyes so as not to distract you too much when gaming.

The setup above by Jhane Way on Pinterest is a great example of a neon-style gamer cave. The combo of blue and violet lights set the mood well, plus the shelves can accommodate both a myriad of gaming consoles along with game discs. There’s even an awesome custom-made table designed like a PS4 console!



Neon is great, but some gamers might prefer a more minimalist design for their gamer cave. This setup from reddit user u/Evanswachtz is a minimalist setup done right, and it’s complete with retro-inspired stylings. With this kind of gamer cave, there’s nothing to distract you from your game. Plus, it’s also a relaxing room in its own right.


Method to the Madness

In complete contrast to a minimalist room is redditor u/diggerdugg’s gamer cave. The sheer number of games and collectibles can seem overwhelming, but he managed to arrange them all in a rather compact space. This style of gamer cave is perfect for gamers who are big game and game merch collectors.


Cozy, Natural Vibes

A lot of gamer caves have hi-tech designs (just look at the two previous entries on this list), but that doesn’t mean a gamer cave is limited to futuristic stylings. This reddit user in particular made a setup with a more natural design. The cozy style look straight out of a relaxing cabin (complete with bottles of Yamazaki whisky), but a closer look reveals the high-end rig that he has.


Something Completely Different

The previous entries on the list were all amazingly good gamer caves, but they’re surely expensive to make; some even require a significant amount of space. But don’t let budget or space constraints keep you from making your own gamer cave, no matter how small it is, just look at this guy’s setup which he made on the inside of his truck!

Even if he’s a truck driver who spends long hours on the road, he managed to squeeze in a full PC to get some gaming done. If he can do it, you can too!


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This article was made in partnership with PSBank. Featured image courtesy of Reddit user u/greengorilla60