Metal Gear-themed Escape Room in Tokyo lets you feel like you’re Solid Snake!

Putting this on our TGS 2018 bucket list!

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Have you ever fantasized about being Solid Snake sneaking through enemies in Shadow Moses? I know I have, multiple times to be honest (unhealthily so if I may add). Now it seems that I may have a chance of fulfilling this fantasy of mine, and you can too! An escape room in Tokyo named Tokyo Mystery Circus just announced their upcoming Metal Gear Solid IRL escape game! Best part is, it’s an official licensed Metal Gear event!

Watch the Metal Gear Solid escape game in action here:


In typical escape rooms, you have to, well… escape a themed room. This Metal Gear Solid game is different in that you and two other friends must sneak past enemies Solid Snake-style in order to destroy “Metal Gear.” If that doesn’t sound awesome, I dont’ know what is!

The game will have a time limit of 45 minutes, and when enemies are alerted to your presence and/or shoot you, the time limit will be reduced. Tickets are priced at 6,300 yen (around $57 USD) for three tickets4,800 yen ($43 USD) for a pair of tickets, and 3,800 yen (around $34 USD) for a solo run.


Here’s hoping that the game is playable for non-Japanese speakers (though we aren’t getting our hopes up). If it is, then we’ll try our best to play it when we cover Tokyo Game Show 2018 later this month, as the Metal Gear escape game will open on September 12.

Story via the Anime News Network and the Tokyo Mystery Circus website