Return to Greed Island in the Upcoming Hunter X Hunter Smartphone Game!

Are you ready to go back to the island?

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For those who liked the card-battling arc of Hunter x Hunter, then you are in for a treat! Thanks to an upcoming smartphone game, you’ll have the opportunity to relive the Greed Island story!

In the latest issue of Jump, the Japanese magazine revealed that an upcoming 3D action RPG called Hunter X Hunter: Greed Adventure is coming to mobile platforms. For those wondering, the setting of the story will take place after the Greed Island arc. The plot will center around Gon and the rest of the gang solving the mystery of Greed Island 2.

The game is set to faithfully re-create the island that is seen from the manga and anime. If that is the case we can expect some known elements like summoning and utilizing cards as well as tapping into Nen abilities.

From the website:


An application titled “G.I. 2 Beta Test Players Wanted” was posted for hunters.

After Gon cleared the game, the role of G.I. (Greed Island) came to an end. The Hunter Association focused on its usefulness as a reinforcement program. Under the leadership of Pariston, the hunter training institution “G.I. 2” is being customized and prepared for reuse.

One of the major changes of G.I. 2 is that a state-of-the-art A.I. has been implemented as a new game master. Through this, the game can receive player play logs and emotions as feedback, and automatically create new dungeons and towns to realize “a game that is infinitely growing and evolving.”

The A.I. collects and analyzes the player’s play log, and updates the game. The data collected from players focused on Nen ability is incomparible in quantity and quality to that of ordinary people, and in order to deal with that, the A.I. studied and grew at tremendous speed.

A mysterious girl appeared before Gon and Killua, who re-visited Greed Island as test players. Gon and Killua, who saved her after she was attacked by other participants, find out that she is a beginner and continued their adventure together.

While with the girl, who is named Sufika, quests of essentially impossible difficulty for a hunter training facility frequently occur and distress the group. The girl, who is believed to be a beginner, sometimes behaves mysteriously, and the Phantom Troupe are persistently following her.

Who really is this girl? And what is hidden in G.I. 2?



  • 3D Action RPG: Experience the World of Hunter x Hunter – Experience a new story as well as that of the original work. Go on an adventure with familiar characters in a 3D world.
  • Battle with Simple Controls – Attack enemies with flashy special moves with a single tap. See through enemy attacks and flick to dodge.
  • Use Skill Cards to Gain the Upper Hand in Battle – Activate the Nen ability of characters depicted on cards to support your team.
  • Familiar Characters Aplenty – Form your very own party with the characters that you befriend.

For now it looks like the game will be available to Japan first, so let’s hope for an international release soon! For more information, check out the official site of the game!