Square Enix’s Left Alive is Every Mecha Fan’s Dream!

Calling all Gundam fans, a new Mecha game is almost here!

ONE Store Beta Now Available

Toronto, Canada – From Toshifumi Nabeshima (director of the Armored Core series) comes Left Alive, Square Enix’s newest IP that is currently in development. The game is a treat for Mecha fans, especially in light of the new themes and combat mechanics reveal. Left Alive was first introduced at TGS 2017, with not much to go on until now.

Left Alive is a third person survival shooter that takes place in a war torn Russia. It features three main characters; an older character wears a prisoner uniform, a younger male, and a female soldier; all three each have their own unique storyline.

This game is certainly ambitious as it’s balancing a strong narrative, an intriguing combat system, and a Mech suit combat experience. There will also be an array of different Mech suit classes, but all that is confirmed so far is a ground type much like the one below. (I hope there will be a flying type!)

The characters are not just out to save themselves, but trying to save as many civilians as possible, and the way you do it determines the kind of end result you get. Many conversations will allow the player to select dialog and create their own narrative and relationships with civilians and survivors throughout the game, all of which will have an effect in the ending. Each battle can also result in civilian casualties, so be careful not to get everyone killed!

Battles can be played in many ways, and the player can defeat enemy soldiers however they like. They can chose not to kill anybody and just sneak around, or kill everyone in sight. With this comes an intricate crafting system before each battle phase. By collecting supplies, the player will be able to craft things like Molotov cocktails and other assisted weapons alongside their main one. Another thing to take note of, as game director  Toshifumi Nabeshumi stresses, is that ammo will be a scare commodity, meaning that this isn’t your typical trigger happy kind of game. 

If you are a Front Mission fan then this game is for you you, and Nabeshima is also trying to win over some new fans as well. And with art from Yoji Shinkawa (of Metal Gear and Zone of the Enders fame), this game is already looking promising.

As development for Left Alive is well into production, Nabeshima encourages fan to just wait a little longer for the next big reveal, promising that there is a goal in sight.