Watch It! Here comes Samsung’s new Galaxy Watches and they are chic to the bone!

A whole slew of Galaxy on your wrist!

ONE Store Beta Now Available

Around this time last week, Samsung Philippines officially unveiled 2 new additions to Samsung’s growing Galaxy Family – namely the new Galaxy Watches in 2 bold sizes, a 46mm Silver rimmed bezel and a sleeker 42mm Rose Gold version.

These multi-media arm candies help circle-off Samsung’s diverse app ecosystem and truly keeps you connected no matter where you are.


Smart watches have been around for years and, like with their smartphone counterparts, each year tech brands are able to fine tune their devices to give you more features, better performance and a whole new reason to upgrade.

When smartwatches came to be, they came with very limiting features – one such is battery life. But the new Galaxy Watch can run for more than 80 hours on a single charge. This means you do not have to keep your watch glued to a charging dock like you would so with older gen models. Connect with your phone, get yourself updated at all time and set morning and evening briefings that help you stay on top of reminders, weather and your latest schedule more than before.


Aside from the obvious luxurious sheen of the Galaxy Watches (and the easy customization of watch phase, strap, etc), this device has your health in mind almost all the time. Besides being able to tell the time (duh) and check-in with your phone, the Galaxy Watch acts as heart-rate monitor and a new stress management tracker. This app automatically detects high levels of stress and offers, take this, breathing exercises to help you keep focused and centered.


If that’s not enough the device also tracks your sleep better including, but not limited to, REM cycles – which pretty much is when your body heals itself the most. Aside from the tracking, the smartwatch comes pre-programmed with 39 various workouts –including 21 new indoor exercises that you may want to pick-up. I mean, you splurged on a shiny new smartwatch device, let’s make the most out of it, right? And with health and wellness being the center of the Galaxy Watch’s functions, we feel you owe it to yourself to help the program along. Hey, a couple of inches off the waist is a good thing, trust me.

Perhaps one of the best features for horologists is how beautiful the Galaxy Watch’s watch face is especially in mimicking movements and watch ticks. The device features a depth effect that casts shadows defining every detail on the watch face for more traditional look and feel.

The Galaxy Smart Watch will be available in a couple of days, Sept 14 to be exact for Php 16,990 for the 46mm Silver and Php15,990 for the 42mm Rose Gold. For more info, do drop by Samsung’s Official FB Page or visit their Official Site.