Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey – 8 Essential Tips for Beginners

Get that Spartan Kick ASAP!

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Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey is easily one of the most anticipated titles from the franchise to date. The trailers and gameplay I’ve seen during E3 time highlighted this as being the developer’s most ambitious and grandest game to date. Before plowing through this beginner’s guide you might want to check out our full review here.

Oh you’re back? If you are a first timer like me, these tips will prove valuable before heading out into your grand adventure. So without further ado here’s my 8 beginner’s tips for Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey that will (hopefully) make surviving through the game a bit easier.


1. Be a looter

Its a great big world out there so yes, I encourage you to be that person. Chances are you will need everything at some point especially in upgrading equipment. So go on! Get that shiny and skin that pelt. Good thing that Kassandra and Alexios have a video game equivalent of the Bag of Holding as both protagonists have unlimited storage space. Also, you can loot while on horseback.


2. Don’t be afraid to dismantle weapons that you don’t use

Self explanatory. Dismantle all your non-legendary weapons for crafting materials and to help you for tip #3.

3. Get engravings engraved to your mind

Fancy that certain weapon that you are attached to? Engravings are a nice way to further improve your weapons based on one of the 3 skill types (Hunter, Warrior and Assassin). Engravings come at a cost from the blacksmith though so this is where looting stuff and dismantling weapons will definitely pay off in the long run.


4. Parrying is essential

Pressing L1 + R1 at the right time during an opponents attack will parry the opponent giving you a bit of time going into slow-motion to land a flurry of attacks. I found this to be quite important and handy during conquest mode.


5. Climb up and sync up

Not only does this give you a better lay of the land. It also upgrades your bird’s perception which comes particularly handy when playing in exploration mode. Also, when you fully scan an area it can also serve as fast-travel points.


The next 3 tips are based off some of my favorite picks from the skill tree which makes up of most of the functions I use throughout the game. Although these are not the be-all-end all as there are really a lot to choose from, I found these to be really effective and practical so I hope it works wonders for you as well.

6. Shield Break – I’ve been using this skill A LOT of times particularly in conquest battles. Shield Break does what is says – it renders your enemies literally defenseless and opening them up to a flurry of attacks.

7. Second-Wind – Once the second level tier of the warrior skill tree kicks in, this perk becomes invaluable as it literally replenishes your health while on the go.


8. THE SPARTAN KICK – And yes it is in all-caps. If you watched the movie 300, then you’ll know that gravity can be a really good ally during combat… Especially during those “heightened” situations. Okay I’ll stop with the puns now.


So that’s it for now. What your favorite approach for the game? I’m sure that over-time there will be a lot of character builds and min-maxes floating around for the game. And that’s the beauty of the Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, as the customization game here really is engaging as it is rewarding, so don’t be afraid to experiment out there as almost everything is viable in the right hands. Till then gamers, keep on gaming!