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    Gaming meets fine art with ‘The Scream’ Pokemon collection

    Who says video games aren't art?!


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    If anyone ever tells you that video games aren’t art, then just show them this! The Pokemon Company recently collaborated with the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum for a series of ‘The Scream’-themed Pokemon goodies. The collaboration is part of the Museum’s current special exhibit, the Munch Retrospective, which features works from renowned Norwegian artist — Edvard Munch.

    In case you aren’t familiar with Munch, he is a painter who is best known for creating ‘The Scream’. While I’m sure you’re familiar with the painting (even non-art fans should know this one), here’s a quick look at the scream to jog your memory:


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    The new Pokemon collection features various merchandise with art that’s inspired by the painting above, though with Pokemon such as Pikachu, Eevee, and more!

    Here’s a quick look at the Scream-themed goods:

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    Pokemon TCG Mini card files worth 480 Yen each (around USD 4 or PHP 240).


    iPhone cases worth 2,160 Yen each (around USD 19 or PHP 1,080).


    Keychains worth 400 Yen each (around USD 3.50 or PHP 200).

    Micro fiber towel worth 600 Yen (around USD 5 or PHP 300).

    Postcards worth 850 Yen for a set of 5 (around USD 7.50 or PHP 425).


    Clear folder worth 400 Yen each (around USD 3.50 or PHP 200).


    Pikachu ‘The Scream’ plushie worth 1,400 Yen (around USD 12.50 or PHP 700).

    The Pokemon ‘The Scream’ collection will be available exclusively at Pokemon Centers in Japan and the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. The collection’s availability will coincide with the Munch exhibit, which runs from October 27 – January 2, 2019.

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