OPPO announces Hyper Boost technology for improved phone performance

Get ready for improved gaming performance on your OPPO device!

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OPPO‘s recent smartphones have all been rather good performers, both in day-to-day use and for gaming. Though if you want a bit more oomph for your OPPO phone, here’s some good news for you! OPPO recently unveiled Hyper Boost, a full-scenario, system-level performance boost engine.

Hyper Boost was unveiled by OPPO last October 11, and the feature optimizes an OPPO smartphone’s system-level resource allocation; basically, it makes the phone better-suited to handling resource-heavy apps such as mobile games. With Hyper Boost, OPPO phones supporting the feature should see improved performance in both general use and gaming!


Regarding Hyper Boost, Head of the Software Research Center of the OPPO Research Institute, Ryan Chen said:

“Our journey toward improving the system performance of smartphones dates back to 2015. Today we are proud to see the launch of OPPO Hyper Boost, the result of constant improvements and optimizations. Its ability to optimize resource allocation on Android systems helps overcome the power consumption and performance challenges when smartphones are running heavy-load applications. This cutting-edge technology has demonstrated our industry-leading strength in technical innovation and our commitment to bringing the best experience to our users.”

While Hyper Boost is now official, OPPO has yet to announce when it will be made available and which OPPO devices will support it. Though if you do have an OPPO smartphone, you better check for the latest updates regularly, your phone might just receive the new Hyper Boost update.