Ragnarok M Eternal Love beta is now open!

Set out on a new adventure in Rune Midgard!

ONE Store Beta Now Available

It is time to head back to Rune Midgard and rediscover it’s familiar places and monsters as the Ragnarok M: Eternal Love (SEA Ver.) open beta is now live! Here’s a quick look on what ROM would give us:

From Prontera , Izlude, Geffen, Morro, and Payon; all of the familiar places can be revisited! Fans of RO can embark on a new exciting adventure alone or with his/her whole barkada as you rediscover these places, this time on mobile.


Take me back home Miss Kafra

If you played Ragnarok online before then most probably you already met these maids who waits patiently for you to call in their service and teleport you wherever you want. You’ll be delighted to know that these cute maids are back along with almost every NPC that you have met before!


Sound so familiar

Just to make returning players feel even more nostalgic, RO’s classic BGM will also be used in ROM, but with updates courtesy of composer ESTi. The game’s soundtrack will give players a sense of familiarity while still keeping things fresh!


Everyone gets a Job

The OBT current version will let players to experience all 10 jobs from the game. You can choose from: Swordsman, Knight, Crusader, Mage, Wizard, Acolyte, Priest, Monk, Thief, Assassin, Rogue, Archer, Hunter, Merchant, Blacksmith, and Alchemist. All the jobs will have updated 3D models with much better detail. As with RO classic, players will have to undergo the novice trials in the Adventure halls before he/she can choose his/her desired Job class.


You need skills to go explore the world

Are you one of those players who went to the front gates and played dead? Or did you remember the time when monsters ganged up on you and you just laid on the ground waiting for them to leave? Then you are in for a treat as these classic (and somewhat witty) skills make a return! But do take on mind as play dead would be removed as soon as you progress and get a Job change.


The hunt is on

If you are looking for a crazy challenge or want some sweet loot, you better get ready as monsters like Baphomet, Angeling, and Moonlight are making a return. ROM even has a dedicated page for sharing information and organizing MVP searches just to let players know when these strong monsters show up. For players who enjoy even more challenges, the Dojo and Endless Tower will also be available for players itching to fight!


Added new features

ROM will also bring new features such as a 360-degree selfie mode for making guild pictures, selfies, and lovers photo much easier to take. Taking a shot in the beautiful places of Rune Midgard has never been easier!

You can also collect classic music tracks to listen to and enjoy. Just head-over to the South gate and look for a phonograph.


Come closer and hold my hand

ROM has a tons of emotes from the classic version, but the latest and perhaps the cutest addition to the game is the hold hands gesture. With this gesture you can be all sweet and romantic with your loved one as you hold each others hands while walking or taking some pictures together. You can even hold each others hands while fighting monsters!. (**this is chiksilog all over again)

With the opening of the Ragnarok: Mobile beta test, players of classic RPGs will surely be happy! Though RO fans should also look forward to the launch of full version in the future.