Sony is finally allowing players to change their PSN Online ID

About time PlayStation!

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Is your PSN ID something like “xXx360nosc0pe420xXx“? It might’ve looked cool a few years back, but not so much right now (it was never cool imo). For the longest time, PSN users were stuck with their IDs, but not anymore!

Sony recently announced that players will finally be able to change their PlayStation Network Online ID on their PS4. While this feature has been available for a long time in competing platforms (such as Xbox Live and Steam), it’s the first time for PSN users.

Each PSN user will be able to change their ID free-of-charge for one-time. Subsequent ID changes will cost $9.99 USD / CAD, but only $4.99 USD/ CAD for PlayStation Plus members. Once users change his/her PSN ID, he/she can opt to display their previous ID, a helpful feature so friends won’t have trouble identifying friends who’ve recently changed IDs.

The feature will be available on November 2018 for users that are part of the PlayStation Preview Program. It’s full rollout will begin sometime in early 2019. For more info on the new feature, visit PlayStation’s official announcement post.

If you are planning on changing your PSN ID, check out this handy list from PlayStation which includes games that may experience critical issues if a user’s PSN ID is modified (thanks for the tip Mark Daniel Francisco!).

[UPDATE April 11, 2019: The feature is now live for all PSN users.]