This console gaming shop has us drooling with its Collectors Edition displays! | ESGS 2018

Just in time for salary!

What’s a gaming convention without console games for sale?! Here comes Shop n’ Play to the rescue! At first, it may not seem like much, but this booth caught our eye with its mouth watering displays over at ESGS 2018! Check them out below!

Shop N’ Play┬áis an online video game store that specializes in importing collectors edition of our favorite console games, as well as some hard to find titles across consoles. If you attended ESGS 2018 over the weekend, you’ve probably seen this stall with their very impressive collection of games for sale!

If you own a PS Vita and a Nintendo DS or maybe even a Wii and a PS3, you can check out their bargain bin for some great titles on sale to complete your growing collection. There are also some hard to find accessories for sale such as Nintendo Switch cases and cartridge holders.

For the collectors such as myself, your attention will be easily caught by the massive boxes on display, showing off the highly valuable collectors edition of the games that were just recently released! Valkyria Chronicles 4, Final Fantasy XII, Ys VII, and much more were in display and ready for the picking!

A word of warning, these do not come cheap and understandably so, some of these items never released locally and most were shipped from international retailers, meaning extra shipping and handling fees will apply.

Gaming certainly doesn’t come cheap, especially for die hard collectors like me! In the mean time, I see a couple of items here that I’d want for my own personal collection, time to contact Shop n’ Play!