[Blizzcon 2018] Anduin confronts Saurfang in a new touching WoW Cinematic

Okay, we're shipping Anduin and Saurfang. What? WHAT?!

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During the Opening Ceremonies of Blizzcon 2018 at the World of Warcraft Stage, a new cinematic was unveiled entitled LOST HONOR.

If you’re new to the recent expansion of WoW, tensions between the Alliance and the Horde have been on an all-time high. Movements from both camp has created greater friction even among the factions themselves. One such would be Varok Saurfang a long-standing hero from the Horde camp who was abandoned during the siege of Lordaeron where the camp led by the young King Anduin storms the stronghold of Lady Sylvanas.

During the battle, Saurfang had the chance to kill Anduin but decided against it. As such, he was captured by the Alliance. This cinematic happens after the events from the battle above. Enjoy:

Coupled with Varok’s very touching cinematic moments before the big battle, we can see how Saurfang would probably turn the tide against the Horde, or, more accurately, against Sylvannas herself.

“What I want is my Horde back!”

Would Saurfang be able to get back to his Horde? Will the new alliance of Anduin and Saurfang be able to finally quell the destructive warpath of Sylvanas? Well, we’ll just have to see during the sub-expansion from Battle of Azeroth, Tides of Vengeance!

Here’s hoping to see more of these yummy cinematics from Blizzard and the WoW team. We’ll be reporting more on this and other stories coming from Blizzcon 2018 in the next couple of days so as always, do keep it here at Ungeek.ph! Keep on gaming, guys!