Our media correspondent Joaquin from skkaw.blog is back with another feature this time focusing on the cosplay scene in the recently concluded BlizzCon 2018. Take a look at some awesome cosplay in the pics below:


If that’s not enough for ya, take a look at his video showcasing even more cosplay awesomeness. See below:


BlizzCon 2018 has concluded and although I really wish I was there (strike another year for #BlizzCant) I’m glad that you can experience it virtually through various forms of media.

Again thank you to Planet skkaw for the images, be sure to check out anything and everything related to Blizzcon 2018 by following skkaw.blog and checking out his work on the following links:

Planet skkaw Instagram

Planet skkaw Twitter

Planet skkaw Facebook

As always, keep it here at UnGeekPH! Keep on gaming!


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