Blizzcon 2018 | You Might Want to Pre-Order the Exclusive Ashe Funko Pop Right Now

Get it while its hot!


Fresh off the reveal of Overwatch’s new character Ashe, a brand-new Funko Pop of our hero shoots its way on the Blizzard Store! The figure retails around $15 which is a fair price (regular pops cost around $10-$12) and considering that this will include an official Blizzcon 2018 sticker slapped around it, might want to jump in on the hype train NOW!


As of this post the item is still available on the store but is limited to two figures per Blizzard account. So get it while its hot because who knows? This might be worth something when the figure becomes vaulted!


UPDATE – Ok so lastly, for those still on the fence on grabbing this here’s some on-hand pics straight from the event! Drool on that whydoncha.