Co-op for a Cause and Participate in a 15-Hour Boardgaming Marathon This November!

For the benefit of Gary Salazar's Mom!

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I always believe in the magic of boardgaming. Not only does it promote a tangible and face-to-face interaction with friends, it can also be a powerful tool to unite people together and help others in their time of need…

And now is a good time as any! This November 24 let us roll our dice, lay down our cards and have the cooperative mindset as we raise our first player tokens for the benefit of Gary Salazar’s mom!

Full details from Game Detective’s FB Page:

Game Detective and Project 4 Productions, in cooperation with Hungry Meeples Boardgame Cafe is proud to announce a Mini Boardgaming Convention and Gaming Marathon for the benefit of Gary Salazar’s Mom!

Cooperative Play: Gaming for a Cause!

From 11am on November 24, straight until 2am on November 25, we will hold a day of non stop gaming where you can meet different members of the Philippine Boardgame Community face to face and sit down to have some seriously fun table time!

Exciting events also await during our 15 hour gaming marathon!

-A live update progress bar of funds raised for the event. The larger the amount raised, the larger the raffle prizes!

-All ticket holders are entitled to one raffle entry per ticket purchased! Prizes will become larger based on the total funds raised.

-Charity Auction! An opportunity to sell your items! All proceeds from the auction exceeding the initial offer price will go towards our donation meter, offer price will go back to the “donor”! Game Detective will also be including a large selection from our inventory, including Kickstarter Exclusives and Rare Games, with starting bids at below cost!

-Mega Games Scheduled! Play large player count games with fellow attendees! Werewolf, Two Rooms and A Boom and other games will be scheduled and run!

-Long Game Marathon! Select from Game Detective’s collection of over 550 unique titles, including Kickstarter and Out-of-Print Games, or bring your own! Now’s your chance to knock out that 8 hour long game!

-Free Popcorn! Each ticket purchased not only entitles you to an entry in the raffle, admission, and the opportunity to help out a fellow gamer in his time of need, but also gives you a free bag of popcorn!

What are you waiting for, the gaming event of the season is here for only a 250 Peso donation that entitles you to all of these awesome events on November 24th! Confirm your attendance below to stay updated on where to purchase tickets and developments related to our event.

Cooperative Play, let’s all win, together! Game On!

Heed the cause, Meeples!