Rainbow Six Siege is free to play this weekend

You can also buy the game for 70% off!

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Interested in trying out Ubisoft’s tactical shooter, Rainbow Six Siege? Well, you can try it out for yourself this weekend as Ubisoft is holding another Free Weekend for Rainbow Six Siege now until November 19!

Much like previous Free Weekends for the game, everyone will have access to all maps, modes, and the 20 Original operators without spending a single cent. Players who play during the free weekend will also have their progress carry over if they choose to buy the game.


And buy the game you should! Rainbow Six Siege may have had a slightly rocky start when it was first released in 2015, but the game is currently one of the biggest multiplayer tactical shooters in the market right now. Plus, Rainbow Six Siege’s Starter, Standard, Advanced, Gold, and Complete Editions are on sale for 70% off! You better hurry though, as the game is on sale only until November 28, 2018.

Rainbow Six Siege is free to play now until November 19 on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In the Philippines, the game is available for free until the following times on each platform:

  • PS4 – November 19, 9:00PM (PHT)
  • PC – November 19, 4:00AM (PHT)
  • Xbox One – November 19, 4:00PM (PHT)

For more information on the Rainbow Six Siege free weekend, visit http://rainbow6.com/freeweekend.