Realme, Real Value | Unboxing and first impression

Wait till you see the price! ;)

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A new contender comes to the market, Realme is here. This new smartphone brand is poised to make waves in the Philippines Smartphone scene.

We were lucky enough to get an advanced review copy of the C1, the company’s entry-level entrant that would definitely stir the industry due to the brands focus on sturdy internals without breaking the bank. The price? Php 5990. BOOM!

While Realme recently rebranded, showcasing a much youthful fonts type and colorway, the current box still carries the the old logo and color motif of red and white. Personally the new colorway seems to work better but you know it’s the internal that counts – – hey it’s the Realme after all, right?

Out of the box, the C1 comes with the necessary accessories to get you starting, including a gel-case ( a staple in most phones nowadays). Unfortunately, the C1 does not come with any headset. 🙁

On the upside, when you turn the phone on, the C1 sports a large 6.2” screen and the all-familiar notch housing the phones 5-megapixel 2.2f front facing camera and face recognition sensor. Yup, this phone has face unlock–adding a layer of protection that’s usually found on phones above the C1’s price point.

The C1 has a sleek black glass panel – – which gives the phone a decent amount of heft– and a matte aluminum-like polycarb bezel. This combination makes the phone easier to handle.

Rounding off the features, the C1 is equipped with a 13MP + 2MP dual main camera with Ai to assist you with your shooting needs. Want those bokehs that you find in a slew of smartphone images? You got it! We took the C1 for a quick ride and here are some sample photos:

We have to say, we were quite impressed with the results. The photos turned out pretty fantastic given the hardware limitation. We’re going to be testing this further (i.e. low-light, night photography, etc).

Powering the unit is a decent running Qctacore Snapdragon 450 and 2GB of RAMS plus a 16GB storage with expandable memory via microSD. It also runs with ColorOS 5.1 with  Android 8.1. Sure, it’s not the most powerful specs in the world, but then, you do have to remember that this is an entry-level offering.

Perhaps one of the draw of the C1 is its enormous battery–a whopping 4230mAh battery! A battery that can rival most mid-range to even flagship phones in terms of capacity. The battery alone makes this a top-choice for those looking for a hard-working phone that won’t conk-out throughout the day.

The Realme C1 will be made available nationwide through Lazada starting Dec 5. But wait, there’s more!

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The Realme C1(2GB +16GB) will be priced lower during the flash sale at Lazada come December 5. From Php 5,990, you can get this all-around hard-working smartphone (perfect for first phones for your sons, daughters, pamangkins, etc) for only Php 5,490!

Better set your alarm clocks  for December 5, folks! For more info and to better experience Realme, make sure you follow them on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and be part of the Realme Squad!