How to Unlock Characters Quickly in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

Wanna Fast Unlock characters in Smash Ultimate? Here's how!

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The release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has a lot of people scrambling to get the title immediately ever since the release. Even non-Switch users suddenly bought themselves a Nintendo Switch to play this amazing game where #EveryonesHere. Soon after booting up the game, you’ll then notice that you’ll only have 8 STARTING CHARACTERS which is a HUUUGE ways away from the full roster of 70+ Characters. The way to unlocking characters normally is definitely a time-consuming feat but, if you want to get everyone ASAP, here’s a trick that can help you quickly unlock the full roster!

Just follow these simple steps

  • Step#1: Get some “activity” in your game
    • While this is not yet fully verified, the game supposedly records the amount of “activity” like such as button presses, distance traveled by characters, etc. You’ll need some activity recorded for you to unlock characters. So basically, maybe play normally for about 20 minutes with any mode (so if you’ve already played the game for a bit before looking up this guide, you should be okay). After that, you should be ready for the next step.
  • Step#2: Use both Joy Cons – One as Player 1 and the other as Player 2
  • Step#3: Set up a 1v1 battle. 1 Stock. 
    • Pick a character who you want to fight upcoming challengers with. The second one can be whoever.
  • Step#4: Pick a stage where it’s easy to walk off the edge like Final Destination
  • Step#5: Suicide the second character for a quick win
  • Step#6: Fight the New Challenger
    • If you beat the challenger, congrats! You’ve unlocked the character! Lost the challenge? Don’t worry about it. Just keep going! We’ll cover that in the next few steps.
  • AT THIS POINT, a cooldown timer of roughly 10 minutes will start. This means that a new challenger will not appear until AFTER the timer has expired. Which leads us to….
  • Step#8: Reset the Cooldown timer by Closing the Game
    • Yup, the cooldown timer gets reset if you close the game. This means that you can chain unlock characters one after the other.
    • To close the game, simply press the HOME button on the Switch and close the Smash application.
  • Step#9: Open the game and Repeat the process.


Simple, right? 🙂 With this method, you should unlock the whole roster very quickly. In case you have some questions, here are a few FAQs:

  • “I finished a 1v1 Stock match but no challenger appeared” – This simply means you don’t have enough game activity to proceed. I’d recommend playing World of Light or Classic for another 20 minutes so you can keep unlocking characters via those modes.
  • “I lost my Challenger match!!! How do I unlock that character now???” – Don’t panic. It happens. 🙂 I would recommend that you keep going and just unlock everyone you can for now. You will be able to get a rematch with these characters once you keep playing the game for roughly 10-20 minutes WITHOUT closing the game. Once you’ve played that long, go and check GAMES & MORE. There should be a new box there called CHALLENGERS APPROACH. Select that and you’ll be able to get your rematches. If you fail again, play again for 10-20 minutes and they should be there again.
  • “Is this really the fastest method?” – As far as I know, yes. Of course, you can unlock characters using World of Light or Classic but these modes take A LOT LONGER. World of Light can roughly take you about 20 hours. This one should only be a few hours.
  • “So I got a notification that I unlocked all characters but… it seems incomplete still” – Yup, the characters you’re missing are the Mii Brawler, Mii Gunner, and Mii Swordfighter. To get these quickly, just head into Games & More and select Mii Fighters. From there, just create one of each class and they’ll appear in the Character Select Screen.