ASUS is offering passive income opportunities for gamers with Quantumcloud

Let your beefy PC rigs earn a bit of cash through mining!

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Do you have a beefy PC gaming rig but don’t really play it 24/7? Well ASUS is giving you a chance to get a bit of passive income using your GPU. Wondering how? Through mining of course!

Now you might think that mining is complicated, but ASUS is making things easier with its latest partnership. The brand recently announced its new strategic partnership with Quantumcloud, a startup with a software solution that allows gamers to use their idle graphics cards to mine cryptocurrency and receive a digital cash payout through PayPal or WeChat.


As ASUS is one of the biggest graphics cards manufacturers present in the country, ASUS is uniquely poised as a distribution partner for the Quantumcloud app. Aside from being a great parnter for Quantumcloud, this is also an interesting option for gamers with high-end GPUs.

Now if you’re worried about safety and ease-of-use, don’t worry as Quantumcloud is a safe and easy to use platform.¬†Quantumcloud launched with GDPR compliance in place and does not require customers to create a unique login. Instead, customers use their existing PayPal or WeChat account to log in and collect their earnings. To simplify the user experience, digital wallet management, cryptocurrency mining mix, currency conversions, and fiat transfers are all integrated into the back-end of the Quantumcloud software.

Interested in trying out Quantumcloud? Visit or contact your local ASUS representative.