[Day 8] Win a Razer Kraken TE Gaming Headset | UG Holiday Gift Giveaway 2018

This pair of cans will give you the competitive edge in esports titles!

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It’s the eight day of the UnGeek Holiday Gift Giveaway, and for today we’re moving back to gaming! Yesterday, the prize was a new smartphone, now though it’s an awesome new headset, specifically a pair of Razer cans made to give you a competitive edge in esports games!


The Prize

The prize for Day 8 is a Razer Kraken Tournament Edition (TE) gaming headset, and it’s the ultimate model of Razer’s popular Kraken headset! What separates it from the other Kraken models you may ask? Well, the Kraken TE is the first Razer headset with THX Spatial Audio, a feature that provides realistic depth and accurate sound positioning; think of it as an even better surround sound feature.

The THX Spatial Audio feature can be controlled with a bundled control module, this enables the Kraken TE to have both a analog 3.5mm headphone and digital USB connection, making it a great choice for just about any gamer!


How To Join

You need to do the following to join and get a chance to win the Razer Kraken TE gaming headset!

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  3. LIKE this Facebook Post and COMMENT by TAGGING a friend and telling us what game you’d play with them using the Razer Kraken TE! Use the hashtags #UnGeekGiftGiveaway2018 and #UGGDay8 (i.e. “I can’t wait to play a couple of rounds of CS:GO with @Nando, especially as the Razer Kraken TE should help me communicate in-game well!)
  4. SHARE THIS POST on your Facebook timeline and invite others to join!
    • Be sure to set your post privacy to PUBLIC
    • Use the hashtag #UnGeekGiftGiveaway2018
  5. Be sure to do these steps on or before 11:59pm tomorrow (January 7, 2019) to qualify.


Things to Note

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