UPDATE: Mario Kart is coming to mobile in Summer 2019

Please reveal more news soon Nintendo!

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UPDATE (February 4, 2019): Mario Kart has been delayed to Summer of 2019. 

Don’t have a Switch yet? Well here’s some good news if you’re still saving up for one. Nintendo of America announced that the ever-popular Mario Kart series is coming to mobile this year! 


Nintendo announced the news back in February 2018, though it did not reveal anything new for the rest of the year. While we thought that Mario Kart Tour might’ve been stuck in development hell, It was confirmed by Cult of Mac a few months back that the game is still on track to release in Q1 or Q2 of 2019 for iOS.

While iOS is the only platform confirmed so far, we expect it to also release on Android given Super Mario Run’s initial iOS exclusivity.

Mario Kart Tour’s release is a strong indication of Nintendo’s interest in the mobile space. In the past couple of years, Nintendo released Fire Emblem Heroes and Super Mario Run, two games that are part of massive Nintendo IPs. Nintendo also collaborated with mobile developer Cygames to release Dragalia Lost just last year.