So You Finally Got a Nintendo Switch? Here’s 5 Things You Should Do!

Time for the great indoors (and outdoors!)

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So you finally got yourself a Nintendo Switch for the holidays… Waited for Smash Ultimate I suppose? Whatever the reason is, congrats on getting a really fine piece of handheld/console (well you get the idea!) give yourself a pat on the back as you finally welcome the great indoors/outdoors once more! Again you can catch my drift, right! 😉

With great hardware comes some really great stuff that you can do and add with it! So without further ado, here’s 5 things every Nintendo Switch owner should really consider doing! Before everything else, I’ll try to make the list as budget-friendly as possible; since we all know that our hobby can be quite costly.



1. Get a separate Kickstand

As functional as the Switch’s stock kickstand is, it can be quite bothersome at times as the device can still be easily knocked down. A good alternative would be getting a third-party kickstand such as the one made by Hori. If you are getting a different brand, just make sure that a cable can pass through the bottom of the console, the reason will make sense as we move to my #2.



2. Get a USB Type-C Cable

More specifically a USB-C cable that has both a male and female end. Why you ask? Well you can use said cable to make a safe little hack that fools your device into thinking that the Switch is docked when it actually is not. Check the video above which describes it in detail. It’s really simple to do and I’ve been doing it since day 1. This neat trick can actually help with the ventilation while in docked mode because there is nothing blocking the fan, so you can play for longer.


3. Set your Switch’s Background Color to Black Instead of White

Not only does save a tiny bit of power as you use the device, it also doesn’t hurt the eyes as much while you are playing in dark areas.


4. Some of the Best Games for the Nintendo Switch are FREE

I think everyone has heard of Fortnite at this point, but there are other free to play games that are definitely worth your time. There are really a lot but the first few games that comes to mind are Warframe and the popular MOBA game Arena of Valor. The best part in all of these games is that you don’t even need to purchase a Nintendo Online subscription for these gems! Download away!



5. Get a Dedicated Controller!

Perhaps the most costly of the list but for me an important one… Getting at least one good dedicated controller for the Nintendo Switch is sometimes essential for some games as specific titles tend to wear out your beloved joycons faster (I’m looking at you Smash Ultimate!). The official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is probably the best out of the bunch, but there are other good third party devices that can do the job just as good and can cost a lot cheaper – the ones from Nyko and Hori are some of the more practical alternatives.


And there you have it! I can go on in saying to get high-capacity SD cards and compatible Powerbanks from Anker, but I want this to be as beginner-friendly and cheap as possible. Think you have something to add to the list? Sound it all off in the comments and as always, keep on gaming!