Be super this weekend with Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy Seven Super Rooms experience!

Bring the whole barkada!

Looking for a fun activity to test your puzzle solving skills and wits with the whole Barkada this weekend? Then look no further as Netflix celebrates the launch of it’s newest original series, The Umbrella Academy and experience a fun and interactive activity with the Super Room experience!


In line with the premiere on February 15, PLDT, Smart, and LG bring to you a Seven Super Rooms challenge at Shooting Gallery Studios, Red Studio Manila containing unique puzzles each themed after the seven characters of the show. So get to know The Umbrella Academy siblings and the trials that awaits at their super-rooms!

As the leader of The Umbrella Academy, Luther possesses super strength, which is reflected in his room. Everything in the room is miniature sized which makes you look super big and super strong!


True to Diego’s vigilante character, his Super Room is styled as a dark hero’s lair, complete with gadgets and target practice (he’s good at throwing knives).


Channel your inner star a la Allison, with a room styled as a recording studio filled with musical and movie memorabilia. Hint: You’ll probably need to flex your vocals for this one.


Party the night away like Klaus, whose room is designed like a neon-lit dive bar.


The Boy
The Boy possesses unique time-traveling abilities, but somehow has managed to stay (and look) the same age. His nostalgic-themed room will definitely give you some major throwback.


This sibling from The Umbrella Academy passed away several years before the current events of the series…. Be warned: Only the bravest and most daring can solve this room.


Unlike the rest of the heroes, Vanya doesn’t have any powers. Instead, she finds herself entangled with the group after writing a tell-all book about their family. Her room is themed as an author’s study.


This is an open for all (AND ONLY A ONE DAY AFFAIR!) invitation everyone can join so gather your best of buddies and if you are a fan of X-men or superpowers in general then check out The Umbrella Academy and score that 2019 squad goals achievement with this fun activity.

Mark that calendar for the Seven Super Rooms opens this Saturday, February 16, between 10am and 6pm, at Shooting Gallery Studios, Red Studio (3317 Zapote, Makati City). See you there!