HTTYD: The Hidden World – An Emotional Conclusion to An Epic Saga | Minute Movie Review

A heartfelt story that could have been perfect except...

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So here we are, on the 3rd and final installment of an awesome trilogy. It’s been almost 9 years since the first time we met the most adorable dragon in movie history. We all shared a good laugh and heart wrenching moments with our favorite dragon. But sad to say, all good things must come to an end. Let’s check out the trailer:

Just by watching the trailer, I knew, this movie will break my heart and to no surprise, it did.

When Berk was attacked by dragon hunters, Chief Hiccup decides to leave their hometown and started a quest to find the Hidden World, a place where he believed dragons and human can co-exist. This scene reminded me of the movie, Thor: Ragnarok, the part where Thor told the Asgardians “Asgard is not a place, it’s a people” (yes, that’s how it was said in the movie “it’s a people”). How it was similar? I’ll leave that for you to discover, because I’m saying that you HAVE to watch this movie! It’s good enough to enjoy as a stand alone film BUT if you’re like me who has watched the whole trilogy, The Hidden World will definitely tug at your heartstrings because of the journey that’s about to end when you’ve laughed and cried with them from the past 2 films.

This movie, just like the previous ones, was one hell of a ride. It was an emotional roller coaster, I was laughing and crying at the same time and you just can’t get enough of our baby Toothless! He’s still that super cute and adorable dragon that we know, but this time you’ll see a totally different side of him because he’s in loooooooove! I’ve gotta say, the Light Fury is just so majestic and mysterious. She has that same vibe as Eve from Wall-E. But she also got to my nerves by being too evasive from the young dragon master, Hiccup. I was like, “Come on girl! He’s not gonna hurt you!”

This movie broke my heart and I just cried my eyes out. It was really heart warming and sad at the same time. It’s like “Byebye Butterfree” all over again!

If I’m going to rate this movie, I’m going to give it an 8/10. Yes, it was fun and very emotional to watch, but I was a bit disappointed with the “Hidden World”. For something that was part of the title, I didn’t get to see enough of it! With only a few minutes of airtime, I just hoped that there were more scenes of the Hidden World, which looked fantastic and breathtaking. This was not a show stopper, but it was something that got me scratching my head throughout the film, I guess they really wanted to keep it hidden.

Is it worth it? Do you NEED to watch it? Does it deserve a second viewing? Yes, yes, and definitely YES! It’s your last chance to catch the cutest dragon, Toothless, on the big screen, that should be more than enough reason! I would totally suggest catching the first 2 films first to fully maximize the emotional experience that The Hidden World will bring.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is showing on cinemas on February 20, 2019 from United International Pictures!