Pinoy Tekken player ‘PBE | AK’ bags 2nd place at EVO Japan 2019

AK just made the Pinoy FGC proud!

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Pinoy Tekken 7 wunderking Alexandre “AK” Laverez just had an amazing run at the recently concluded EVO Japan 2019. Out of 512 participants, AK bagged 2nd place in the event’s Tekken 7 tournament!

AK’s historic run at EVO Japan started at the upper bracket. There, AK defeated Jimmy “Jimmyjtran” Tran (USA) and Jae-hyun “CherryBerryMango” Kim (Korea) to secure a spot at the Grand Finals. Though at the last stage of the tourney, AK faced off against a tough opponent in VS|Arslan_Ash.


While AK held an upper bracket advantage, Aslan_Ash proved to be a worthy opponent as he was able to not only sweep thorough their first set, but also win the second set 3-1. Though AK may not have capture 1st place, he did bring home ¥600,000 (around 5,400 USD or 280,000 PHP), as well as glory for the PH’s fighting game scene.


Aside from AK, four other Filipino players of PlayBook Esports represented the country at EVO 2019, including:

  • Andreij “PBE|Doujin” Albar,
  • Bryan “PBE|BryanXD” Balcorta
  • James “PBE|Jamse” Prado
  • Don “PBE|Don” Gim

AK’s Tekken 7 teammate, Doujin, wasn’t able to move through the further stages of the tourney. As for the others, BryanXD took home 5th place in the Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite tourney, while Jamse and Don weren’t able to clinch the Top 8 in the Street Fighter 5 tourney.