Choose your house as the Adidas x Game of Thrones collab drops this Friday

One of each please

While we’re all waiting on the final season to air on HBO next month, we’ve got something special to tide us over. Adidas and their famed Ultraboost line have collaborated with Game of Thrones to produce 6 new designs that each represent a house from the show, check them out below!


For the men, they’ll be receiving 4 designs under House Stark, Targaryen Dragons, Nights Watch, and White Walkers. Detail on the shoe is amazing, especially for the House Stark and Nights Watch pair, which shows some fancy wool-ish type lining to keep your feet warm, just like how they do in the series with all their fur coats!

White Walkers look the cleanest among the 4, draped in white with icy blue accents across the pair. If you’re looking for some character, look no further than the Targaryen Dragons, with a mostly black upper and a fiery red toebox signifying the destruction that only the dragons could provide.


For the ladies, you’ll be getting 2 colorways in House Lannister and Targaryen. Targaryen is a simple and clean colorway, with white and cream-ish accents across the shoe but for the fiercer ladies out there, you’d want to pick up Lannister, with its blazing red upper and gold accents, you can let everyone know that you always pay your debts.


All designs drop across various retailers like Sole Academy, Commonwealth PH, Adidas stores, and much more! Friday is going to be wild!