Rules of Survival introduces ‘Epic Clash’ — a new game mode with Insane Super Powers!

Time to play RoS' most unique game mode yet!

ONE Store Beta Now Available

Since it was released last year, Rules of Survival has offered exciting battle royale action that gamers can play on-the-go with their smartphones. Now, the battle royale formula is fun and all, but we all need something fresh from time to time. Enter Epic Clash, the new game mode for Rules of Survival which offers fantastical avatar abilities, weaponry, vehicles and constructions!


Unlike the standard game mode, Epic Clash’s biggest addition is its various functional items, which gives a fantasy twist to the battle royale experience. When the safe zone inevitably starts to shrink down, players will have an opportunity to randomly select a Super Item Card that might contain one of the following abilities:

  • Zombie Status changes an avatar into the Undead, letting a player steadily recover HP.
  • Stealth Mode allows silent moments so you can drop your opponents like a ninja.
  • Infrared Scan gives vision enhancement for the player, enabling one to see the contour of enemies hiding in building structures.
  • Super Body is an all-around strength amplification which gives a player increased speed and a higher jump,
  • Summons Nightfall and Summons Fog interacts with the weather. Once used, darkness or heavy mist will descend upon the entire battlefield for 60 seconds.


Aside from Super Item Cards, Epic Clash will also let players build structures in the new feature — Construction (think Fortnite). With the Construction mechanic, there’s an extra layer of tactics in each engagement.

Finally, players can expect to see new weapons and vehicles in their arsenal with Epic Clash. Players will also be able to be revived back onto the battlefield three times in every round.

Want to try out Rules of Survival’s Epic Clash? Download the game right now here: