Vans teams up with JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure for new sneaker collection


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Alright JoJo fans, here’s a new sneaker line that you absolutely must-buy! Introducing the new Vans x JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure collab sneaker collection! The collection is made up of two sneakers, each being inspired by one of the main characters in the series’ Golden Wind story arc.


First up is a Vans Era Pro inspired by Giorno Giovanna. The sneaker has a fuchsia velvet upper atop a white midsole with a JoJo logo. The pair also has eyelet plugs and other designs inspired by the anime. Finally, the sneaker’s insole features a sketch of Giorno Giovanna and his stand, Gold Experience.


The second pair in the collection is a primarily white Vans Slip-on, this time inspired by Bruno Bucciarati. The sneaker’s white, black, and gold colorway emulates Bruno’s outfit in the series. The Slip-on also features a sketch, this time of Bruno Bucciarati and his stand, Sticky Fingers.


The sneakers also comes in a snazzy looking box!

The sneakers are available now in Japan via Bandai Fashion Collection of JPY ¥9,720 (around USD $88 or PHP 4,650). There’s no word yet on whether this collection will be officially available in the Philippines though.

Story via Hypebeast.