Assemble one last time | Avengers: Endgame Non-Spoiler Review

A wonderful conclusion to a decade long journey!

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April 2019 is truly one of the most memorable months for comic book fans and movie goers around the world as the MCU’s Infinity Saga has finally reached it’s conclusion with Avengers: Endgame. With all the hype surrounding this epic conclusion, it is with great joy that I’ll say: the movie lived up to its massive expectations! So in case you still haven’t watched the movie yet, here are my thoughts on why Endgame is a deserving end to the Infinity Saga; but no worries, I won’t spoil the story.

Ever since the first trailer came out, we all saw how down our heroes were after their defeat by the hands of Thanos. Endgame explores the repercussions of this defeat, as it actually gives us a glimpse of the world post-Snap. The film managed to excellently convey the feeling of the heroes who have had their close friends and family (along with half of all life in the universe) turned to dust.

But no matter how heavy the film can get, Endgame still finds a way to make certain scenes and sequences funny and smart, all while not robbing more serious moments of their emotional heft. Even with comedic moments, the film’s funny scenes flow naturally.

Trying to stuff everything into one neat conclusion might seem a bit too much, but just like Infinity War, Endgame never felt rushed and did a good job of connecting nearly every major plot point and character from the whole franchise into one satisfying flick. What’s even better about Endgame is that directors Joe and Anthony Russo managed to put the spotlight on certain heroes that were not given a chance to shine in Infinity War. Though of course, there are some characters that got the shorter end of the stick.

Speaking of characters, the original six Avengers were truly the stars of Endgame. All six had satisfying conclusions to their story arc that were filled with emotion; I’m sure long-time Marvel fans will tear up at some scenes. Though to get these satisfying moments, Endgame did have to take some liberties with the plot, meaning there are some parts that may not make that much sense.

Even if the original six were the stars, a lot of characters (both old and new) appeared in immensely crowd-pleasing ways. Fan-service seems to be the key with Endgame, as it served up a ton of scenes that will surely delight MCU fanatics. Those who have waited a long time for this movie will definitely be satisfied! Though this does mean that there’s almost no scene that you can miss; better hold your bladder during the film’s near three-hour runtime.

With all that being said, I highly recommend that you catch Endgame in theaters. The drama is heavy but still manages to be funny without being cheap. The film may not be as action-packed as Infinity War, but it’s big battle is one for the ages. Finally, Endgame serves up fan-service in spades.

While I can nitpick about some of the plot not making much sense or the fact that some characters didn’t get much screen time, these faults are easy to overlook given what everyone at Marvel was able to accomplish. Endgame is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that wraps up an insane 22-film run.

Avengers: Endgame is proof that a well-planned and executed cinema adaptation of comic books superheroes can be done magnificently. As for the fans who grew attached to these characters, they will definitely have a blast and will surely feel satisfied as the credits roll.